Program Basics

  • Held during school holidays.
  • For boys & girls attending primary school.
  • Suited to non-footballers and regular players alike.
  • Days and times may vary depending on the Location.
    - Usually 9am to 3pm each day.
  • $75 per day.
  • Active Kids Vouchers CANNOT be used for any Camp programs.

Program Design

  • Designed so friends of varying abilities can enjoy the day with each other.
  • Programmed by Kory with a focus on creating a well organised FUN day of football; with some other sports/activities mixed in.
  • At the end of each day you collect your children who have a smile and some new skills.

Program Information

  • All children should wear a hat, comfortable clothes of your choice, football boots or joggers.
  • Shin pads are not compulsory, but if you have then we recommend using them.
  • Put sunscreen on your child, and we have sunscreen available for re-applications by children and coaches throughout the day.
  • Send your child with lunch and snacks and a water bottle (a small back pack or bag is a good idea).
  • Tap water is always available at every location.
  • Leave your soccer ball at home: we provide all the balls.
  • Coaches will put friends together when they organise groups at the start of each day.

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