About the Kory Babington Football Academy

Our Core Principles

  • Provide the very highest quality programs.
  • Enjoying our game is priority one.
  • Education is the key.

Our Basics

  • We conduct multiple Programs at multiple Locations.
  • All our Programs are designed and created by Kory.
  • There are Programs for juniors of all ability levels.
  • All our Academy Head Coaches are Level 2 qualified.
  • All our Academy Assistant Coaches are Level 1 qualified.
  • All our Academy players are treated equally and given the same opportunities.
  • Our Coach Ed courses allow Kory to share his expertise.

About Kory Babington

Kory is very humble so he has had no part in the creation of this section of the website . . . but it is certainly worth reading!

Korys CV (below) makes him one of the most successful Football Junior Development Coaches in Australia.
In his role as Westfields Sports High School (WSHS) Director of Football and FNSW State Team Coach, Kory has identified and mentored hundreds of players who play in National Leagues around the world and dozens of National team players including Socceroos and Matilda's.

To put Korys standing into perspective, he leads a team that consists of 6 Football Australia national team coaches at WSHS, and numerous A-League, W-League, and NPL Coaches send their own children to Korys WSHS Football program.

Kory's Football journey began when he started playing for the Milton Ulladulla Panthers at the age of 5.
He was not fast, not strong, not highly skilled, but he could think two steps ahead of other players so he went on to be an "average NPL player" - i.e. Based on his football talent, Kory over achieved.
Kory then turned his focus to Football Coaching and his PDHPE Teaching degree.
Like many of the best football development coaches around the world, Kory started his coaching career with Coerver Coaching.
It didn't take long before Kory was being "head hunted" for coaching roles at NPL clubs . . . and later A-League clubs

During 2020 many of the world's leading football federations and clubs reached out to XPS Network requesting coaching content they could give their coaches and players to use while in lockdown and restricted training programs.
The CEO of XPS Network, Agust Thorkelsson, asked Kory to create and build that content.
Kory's coaching programs were extremely well received by those federations and clubs, and many of them continue to use coaching content created by Kory.

FIFA conducted an in depth analysis of Korys WSHS Football program during late 2020 as part of a world wide analysis of the best football coaching programs.
FIFA subsequently acknowledged Korys WSHS Football program as an outstanding program that consistently produces international level youth footballers.

Kory decided to launch the Kory Babington Football Academy so he can conduct programs for juniors from 5 to 16 years of age of all standards. Coach Education has been one of Korys passions for many years, so his Academy is also offering Coach Ed programs for everyone from teenagers, parents, and school teachers, to club coaches and TD's.

Since 2017 Kory, in collaboration with the experts at XPS Network, has lead a team of professional coaches (many of whom coach national teams in Australia and Europe) creating the Football Made Easy App which is due to be launched in the first half of 2021.

Kory Babington CV (basics)

  • Bachelor of Health Science and Diploma of Education 2002
  • AFC/FFA A-License Football since 2008
  • Westfields Sports High School, Director of Football since 2014
  • PDPHE Teacher since 2003
  • Macarthur Bulls FC NPL Assistant Coach
  • Past Head Coach roles include Western Sydney Wanderers FC U20's, FNSW Junior Rep Squads, SAP's, Lilli Pilli FC junior teams (his kids teams), 5sports, St George FC 1st Grade, . . .
  • Football Consultant to XPS Network clientele.
  • Director of Content for Football Made Easy & School Sport Made Easy
  • Football Director at Kory Babington Football Academy

Kory Babington Football Academy Programs

FUNdamentals Squad

Designed for boys & girls who attend primary school.
Learn More

Rep Prep Squad

Designed for junior players who strive to play Rep football.
Learn More

GoalD squad

Invitation only squad.
Learn More

FUNdamentals Camp

Designed for boys & girls who attend primary school.
Learn More

Girls Camp

Designed for girls only.
Learn More

Rep Prep Camp

Designed for junior players who strive to play Rep football.
Learn More

GoalD Camp

Invitation only Camp.
Learn More

Coach Education

Six different programs.
Learn More

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